The SELARC "Hamster"
Vol. 46, No. 7 ................................ July 2019

SELARC still has a Yaesu FT-891 to be awarded to one lucky winner.  The drawing is now open to all hams!

Election of Officers is at the general meeting of Tuesday July 9, 2019 at the Tangipahoa Parish EOC

Slate of Officers for 2019-2020:

President           Tyrone Burns N5XES
Vice President   Carmen Bray KF5VXO
Secretary           Jimmy Hess AG5EJ
Treasurer            Ernie Bush N5NIB

Recommended board members (not part of the election): Lyle Wales KD5JRY 

Additional nominations may be made by members during the July meeting prior to the election.
Nominees must affirm intention to hold office if elected by the majority of SELARC members present.


The SELARC "Hamster"

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Vol. 46, No. 7 ................................ July 2019
* Club Meeting *

Tuesday, July 9, 7:00 PM
Tangipahoa Parish EOC
Amite City
(114 N Laurel St)

Pre-Meeting Social at Mike's Catfish Inn
1009 West Oak Street, Amite, LA 70422
Starting around 5:15PM

If you would like to become a member of SELARC, please print out and complete the application/renewal form and return it with your check to: P.O. Box 1324, Hammond LA 70404. Thanks!

Election of SELARC Officers 2019-2020

Election of Officers is at the general meeting of Tuesday July 9, 2019
at the Tangipahoa Parish EOC

Slate of Officers for 2019-2020:

Tyrone Burns N5XES
Vice President
Carmen Bray KF5VXO
Jimmy Hess AG5EJ
Ernie Bush N5NIB

Recommended board members (not part of the election):
Lyle Wales KD5JRY

Additional nominations may be made by members during the July meeting prior to the election.
Nominees must affirm intention to hold office if elected by the majority of SELARC members present.

Prize Drawing

SELARC still has a Yaesu FT-891 to be awarded to one lucky winner.
The drawing is now open to all hams!

Please see Carol KE5GOC at the next meeting for details and to obtain
your chance to win: for a $10 donation per chance ticket (1 out of 60).

Special Events, Other Hamfests & VE Sessions

OARC / Slidell EOC Hamfest - Sat July 20 -

... W9DYV's Amateur Radio Symposium - (One day before the Slidell EOC Hamfest) -

2019 MS Bike Ride: Dats How We Roll - October 5-6, 2019

Hammond VE Group - ARRL/W5YI tests are scheduled for the last Sunday of each month [with the exception of holiday conflicts] in Room "B" of the North Oaks Medical System Diagnostic Center at 2pm with $15 testing fee. Bring photo ID and any appropriate CSCE. For more information contact [email protected] or Find an Amateur Radio License Exam in Your Area.

AMSAT 50th Anniversary Awards Program for contacts 3/3/19 to 12/31/19

Happy Birthday!!

Birthday Wishes for July go out to - Roger KG5WQI and Michael KE5KMH

If we missed your birthday, please let us know.

In Sympathy and Remembrance —

We express our deepest condolences for the friends and family of the recent silent keys.

SELARC Member - Sandy Blaize W5TVW

Get Well Soon —
Best wishes for continued recuperation go to SELARC members Tom Simpson N5HAY and Homer Jones KA5TRT. We look forward to hearing you on the air!
VE Session Results

Hammond VE Group Session results

27 Jun, 2019 - Special VE Session for Options

Andrea Gousman - Hammond, La.
Shannon Trautman - Hammond, La
Randall Waguespack - Albany, La.
David Wright - Hammond, La.

30 Jun, 2019 - Monthly VE Session

Evan Treadaway - Madisonville, La.
Joseph F. Marin - Brusly, La.
David J. Marin - Brusly, La.
Brandon D.S. Maulding - Denham Springs, La.
Ryan Plyler - Hammond, La.
Roland Newberry Jr. / KG5VUJ - Madisonville, La.
Garth Kiepper / KG5SCX - Hammond, La.
Tyke's TidBits

Well, here we are,

Another year has gone by and election time is here for SELARC. We have a slate of officers selected for the 2019-2021 term, but the floor is still open for nominations. Elsewhere in this newsletter, Jimmy has posted the suggested slate of officers.

The new Yaesu Fusion DR2X repeater has been programmed and will be installed soon, maybe by meeting night. We hope to have another presentation on the use of the Fusion System in the near future, but if you only have an analog radio, NO PROBLEM, it will work just fine!!

The 13 Colonies contest for the 4th of July is going strong, but the GB13COL BONUS station has not been propagating well since it started. I got all 13 Colonies in the first 3 days....just 4 more days to go!!

This months meeting will be in Amite at the Tangi EOC, with the pre-meeting social at Mikes' Catfish!!

Hope 2 CU THERE!


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
President - SELARC

Meeting of June 11, 2019 at Ponchatoula Community Center

President Tyrone N5XES called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM and lead in the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by a self-introduction/recognition of all present.

It was m/s/passed to accept minutes for the May meeting as published in the "Hamster"

Treasurer Carol KE5GOC presented a monthly financial report. It was m/s/passed to accept the financial report.

Attendance (19): Tyrone N5XES, Butch KG5WQI, Walter N5RYI, Keith KF5VLX, Pat KE5KMM, Ed KE5GMN, John AA5UY, Judy AA5UZ, John N5JHF, Lyle KD5JRY, Mark WX5RN, James K5QNT, Bob K5NDT, Ernie N5NIB, John K5SNB, Carol KE5GOC, Bob WB5FBS, Carmen KF5VXO, Jimmy AG5EJ

Health and Welfare: Tyrone gave the update that Sandy W5TVW is now a silent key with memorial services expected around the 29th.

There were no new membership applications or correspondence items.

Committee Reports:

(Lyle KD5JRY): Lyle reminded members about the special meeting the club held in May to purchase the Fusion Repeater and provided the update that it was ordered and received but has not yet been programmed/readied to place into service.

Lyle gave information about a price quotation received for 147 repeater feed line work that included the antenna adjustment and all materials, and SELARC's need to raise $4000 to address the replacement project while retaining enough funds to meet anticipated expenses.
(Pat, EC): Pat gave a report of ARES activity and reminers about hurricane season opening with advise to consider preparations for generators, fuel, batteries, and medications.

Old Business

Yaesu HF Mobile Radio Prize Drawing:
Tyrone suggested opening ticket sales for the Yaesu FT-891 drawing to all hams. The club was only at 34 tickets sold; it was m/s/passed to open the drawing to all hams.

Special Olympics:
Bob thanks the hams estimating that they put in more than 94 person hours, and event staff were especially impressed by the hams.

SELARC Officers Election:
Nominations are still open up through the July meeting and may be made on the floor until the election begins. A suggested slate of officers was given, but there was not yet a confirmed accepted nomination for the vice president position.

Meeting Program Ideas:

Tyrone asked if there were any ideas for programs that people would like at the meetings. There was a suggestion made for presentation/tutorial on the use of the New Repeater and fusion (once that is up and running).

Tyrone suggested that there is a technician class being planned/considered for near future.


New Orleans Hamfest (Nov)
Hamvention Plano (Aug)

OARC Hamfest - Sat July 20, 2019 - John Slidell Park Gymnasium
W9DYV's Amateur Radio Symposium: 1day before

It was m/s/passed to adjourn at 7:526 PM

Submitted by Vice-President/Secretary Jimmy Hess AG5EJ
For Sale

Tower for Sale
Rohn 25 for sale - 4 straight and 1 top (approx. 50ft),
  with a short or long section for concrete,
  with house bracket - no rotor plate - $400.00

Also: 1- Rohn HDx-45 free-standing tower - $150.00
1- Spaulding HDx-45 free-standing tower (pre-Rohn buyout) - $150.00
additional loose sections of Rohn 25 available - price varies on condition of tower sections
all trades...u pick up!!
Johnny Kern KD5AXU / Tyrone Burns N5XES

Hustler Vertical 6BTV+, 17 Meter Add-On
Omni 6 rig with power supply
Contact: Tom Grant, 985-630-2200

News from ARRL

==> So Now What? Podcast
"Available Operating Modes to Us New Hams" is the focus of the new (June 27) episode of the So Now What? podcast for Amateur Radio newcomers.
If you're a newly licensed Amateur Radio operator, chances are you have lots of questions. This biweekly podcast has answers! So Now What? offers insights from those who've been just where you are now. New episodes will be posted every other Thursday, alternating new-episode weeks with the ARRL The Doctor is In....

==> Petition for Rulemaking Asks FCC to Create a New 8-Meter Amateur Band
The FCC has put on public notice for comment a Petition for Rulemaking (RM-11843) that seeks the creation of a new 8-meter Amateur Radio allocation on a secondary basis. The Petition suggests the new band could be centered on an industrial-scientific-medical (ISM) segment somewhere between 40.51 and 40.70 MHz. The spectrum between 40 and 41 MHz is currently allocated to the Federal Government and, as such, within the purview of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA). ARRL member Michelle Bradley, KU3N, of Maryland, filed the Petition in May on behalf of REC Networks, which she founded and described in the Petition as "a leading advocate for a citizen's access to spectrum," including Amateur Radio spectrum. ...

==> LightSail 2 Launches, Will Transmit CW Beacon
The Planetary Society's LightSail 2 CubeSat, launched on June 25, will transmit Morse code from space on 437.025 MHz, within the Amateur Radio 70-centimeter band. LightSail is a citizen-funded project to send a small spacecraft, propelled solely by sunlight, into Earth's orbit. The innovative satellite is due to be deployed on July 2 from Prox-1, a Georgia Tech student-built spacecraft. Once deployed, LightSail 2 will automatically transmit a beacon packet every few seconds, which can be decoded into 238 lines of text telemetry describing the spacecraft's health and status, including everything from battery status to solar sail deployment motor state. ...

==> Over-the-Horizon Radars Continue to Plague Amateur Bands
The International Amateur Radio Union Region 1 Monitoring System (IARUMS) reports a "new kind" of over-the-horizon (OTH) radar on 20 meters. The intruding signal, appearing to emanate from the Far East, was monitored during May on 14.140 - 14.150 MHz. Another Chinese wideband OTH radar has been showing up on 15 meters, with a signal 160 kHz wide. An Iranian radar has appeared on 10 meters, centered on 28.860 MHz, and is audible in Europe during sporadic-E conditions. The signal is about 46 kHz wide. The Russian OTH radar "Konteyner," centered on 14.127 MHz, continues to be observed, with a 12 kHz wide signal.
The so-called "Foghorn" OTH radar from China, first heard in 2017, and other OTH radars were spotted on several 20-meter frequencies. The Foghorn is a burst radar that has been heard on other bands, with the signal often jumping. The signal is frequency modulation on pulse (FMOP) with 66.66 sweeps-per-second bursts...

==> ARRL Files Interim Report with FCC in "Symbol Rate" Proceeding
ARRL has filed an interim report with the FCC in order to report on its efforts to find common ground regarding issues surrounding the "symbol" or "baud" rate proceeding, FCC Docket WT 16-239 (the FCC has issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking in WT 16-239 ...

==> Pennsylvania Radio Amateur Dies in Tower Installation Mishap
Well-known northeastern Pennsylvania radio amateur Leland L. "Lee" Parsons III, N3LPJ, lost his life on June 14 during a ham tower installation project when a tower section he was working on collapsed off State Route 2069 in Gibson Township. Authorities said Parsons, 62, was apparently attempting to attach a guy wire to the bottom tower section when it went over. An ARRL member, Parsons was the president of the Susquehanna County Amateur Radio Club.
The online Wireless Estimator called the incident "a stark reminder of the dangers present this weekend during Field Day." ...

==> QRZ Institutes Password Security, Seller Verification Programs
In an effort to combat fraudsters and password phishers, the popular QRZ Amateur Radio website is offering the option of establishing two-factor authentication (2FA) for its registered users. The site's founder and president, Fred Lloyd, AA7BQ, explains that 2FA secures a user's password on the site. ...

==> Tuning Electrically Short Antennas for Field Operation
An article, "Tuning Electrically Short Antennas for Field Operation," by two well-known amateurs, appeared in Microwave Journal. Authored by QEX Editor Kai Siwiak, KE4PT, and award-winning researcher Ulrich Rohde, N1UL, the article points out that both Amateur Radio and military applications exist for 20 W battery-powered radios equipped with whip antennas. ...

--The ARRL Letter and The American Radio Relay League


Stay Radio active -- See you at the next meeting, Tue, July 9, 2019; 7:00PM at the Tangipahoa Parish EOC