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                            CONSTITUTION OF THE


                     (As Amended August-September, 1991)     

                         (As Amended June, 1995)

                         (As Amended July, 1999)

                        (As Amended August, 2014)

                             ARTICLE I

PURPOSE:  This document shall serve the purpose of establishing an Amateur Radio Club which shall promote all aspects of Amateur Radio** as the membership may desire and as authorized by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).  This document shall serve as the governing law for the club.


                             ARTICLE II

NAME: The name of this club shall be "Southeast Louisiana Amateur Radio Club".

                            ARTICLE III

MEMBERSHIP: There shall be four membership categories as detailed below.


                             SECTION A

  1. Charter Membership: Those members present upon adoption of the original document, thereby establishing the club, and signifying their adoption of the original document by undersigning it. Charter members who are licensed amateur radio operators possess the same privileges as those of Regular members (except as noted in SECTION B, paragraph 2, below) and no more. Charter members who are not licensed amateur radio operators possess the same privileges as those of Associate members and no more.
  1. Regular Membership: Those licensed Amateur Radio operators who join the club after initial establishment of the club. Regular membership is obtained by an individual through personal expression of desire to become a member and abide by the governing laws of the club. Membership is approved by a two-thirds or more majority vote of the members present and voting at a regular meeting. Regular membership dues shall be established in the By-Laws of the club.
  1. Associate Membership: Those individuals who do not possess an Amateur Radio license but have an interest in Amateur Radio. Membership is obtained as described for Regular members. Associate members possess the same privileges as Regular members, except that they may enter into discussions but not vote or hold office. Further, the Associate member is prohibited from those club activities which require an Amateur Radio license, but no others. Associate membership dues shall be established in the By-Laws of the club.
  1. Honorary Life Membership: Those individuals who the membership feels have made outstanding contributions to the club or local Amateur Radio activities, and those individuals for which the membership feels such honorary recognition would be of mutual benefit to the club, individual, and/or local Amateur Radio activities. Nominations for honorary membership may be made in writing by any member to the President, detailing the reasons why the individual is worthy of such honorary recognition. With the concurrence of the Board of Directors

(see ARTICLE IV, paragraph 5), the nomination will be made to the membership at the next scheduled meeting. A unanimous vote of the members present shall be necessary to approve the nominee to membership. Honorary Life membership is effective when accepted by the individual nominated. Honorary members possess only those privileges as may be mutually agreed upon by the membership in recognition of the individual's contribution.

**Amateur Radio as defined by the FCC.                      Page 1